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Taproom Coffee
1963 Hosea L Williams Dr SE
STE R106
Atlanta, GA 30317


1963 Hosea L Williams Drive SE, Suite R106
Atlanta, GA, 30317
United States



Coffee. Beer.

Jonathan Pascual


I'm so pumped about the launch of our new website and branding! We worked with graphic designer James Martin to come up with a revamped logo that connects more with the colors and feel of our store, and more visually captures the heart of what we're all about: Coffee and Beer. Stay tuned as we roll this new branding out in our signage, menus, stickers, and more!

It's now been 4 months since Taproom launched. It's been a wild ride so far! We began with our crazy successful Kickstarter project and haven't stopped moving yet. The local neighborhood of Kirkwood welcomed us with open arms, and our spot has grown to be an active hub where many people choose to work, relax, and connect over coffee and beer.

We're still finding our feet in a lot of ways, but overall I'm overwhelmed with the way my personal dream has quickly become a reality, and how hundreds of people come through our doors every week to join me in this crazy fun journey of life. Some days I just step back - just for a second - take it all in, and smile. I love how one family comes in almost every morning and the dad gets a cappuccino and his daughter gets a vanilla milk before school. I love how our neighbors can dip in wearing their PJs and grab an emergency bag of coffee beans. I love how our beer menu rotates out constantly and people can enjoy a glass of great draft beer from breweries in Atlanta and all over the world.

What's next? Well, much of the same: Taproom will still put out quality coffee and quality beer every day, in an environment where people love to hang out and connect. Taproom staff will continue to get trained up through Counter Culture and Cicerone education programs. We'll also be increasing the number of events we do every week, featuring everything from coffee and beer nerdiness to purely social holiday events for the neighborhood. As we learn and grow, I invite you to be part of the process! If you've ever got any ideas or comments that will help us be better, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email or just come in and chat. We're in this together.

Jonathan Pascual