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1963 Hosea L Williams Drive SE, Suite R106
Atlanta, GA, 30317
United States



Growing Pains

Jonathan Pascual


If you've come into Taproom lately you may have started seeing a trend... Empty pastry case. Only a couple bar stools open. Baristas running around nonstop. On the one hand, great problems to have. On the other, we've been forced to think through all of the challenges that come with being an increasingly busy community hub. So if there's been a time recently when you were disappointed with not being able to sit down for drinks or maybe you didn't get that muffin you were craving - I apologize. 

Taproom started as a dream, and we're still seeing what it looks like to have that dream realized. This is a small business. My wife and I are the only owners. We're doing our best and learning a ton along the way. Way back when we were just planning things out on paper, we thought that maybe we'd get to the current level of customer flow and sales after something like 2 or 3 years, not 9 months. We didn't expect the packed cafe every day, the "Best Of" nods, or the people who go an hour or two out of their way just to visit us. We didn't expect to land the cover of a national beer publication. So we've been playing a bit of catch-up. 

There are a bunch of things in the works to help alleviate some of these growing pains. We're working on some additional seating options so that we can accommodate more people who want to stay for a while. We've increased our bakery orders every week (again and again). We're staffing up on the busier weekend times. 

Overall, thank you. Thanks for supporting Taproom by being a customer. Thanks for spreading the word. Thanks for understanding when we sometimes get stretched to the limits. Without the awesome community of people around us, we'd never have come this far, and we could never sustain a successful dream. You rock.