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Crowler/Taproom Draft FAQ

Jonathan Pascual

We recently rolled out can-on-demand options for our non-alcoholic Taproom draft products. The 32-ounce "crowlers" (can growlers) are available any time, and are filled and sealed when you come in and order them. Here are some FAQ's about the products:

  • What products are available in crowlers? 
    • Only Flash, Beerspresso, and Hopsintea are available in take-away cans. Flash is our flash-brewed nitro iced coffee, Beerspresso is iced coffee brewed with malt and hops, and Hopsintea is an herbal iced tea infused with hops. All three nitro products are non-alcoholic and are Taproom creations. We are not legally permitted to use our canner for any alcoholic products. 
  • Are the products carbonated? 
    • No. We use a 100% nitrogen gas infusion in our Taproom draft products, to give a velvety mouthfeel and thick foamy head, without the metallic bite that comes with CO2. 
  • How long does a crowler last?
    • The cans should be treated like growlers, which are not intended to be shelf-stable more than a day or so. The draft liquid has been exposed to oxygen and is not canned like typical nitro beers, so the nitro gas infusion will dissipate over time, even in the can. Beerspresso (because it's basically the IPA of cold coffee beverages) will not be an ideal experience after 24 hours, but Flash and Hopsintea can still be tasty and refreshing after a few days, just with less nitro mouthfeel.  
  • Why don't you offer smaller cans?
    • The large-format cans are meant to be shared. If you would like a single serving, you can simply order a drink as usual from our bar and enjoy it in our cafe or take it away in a plastic cup. The 32-ounce crowlers give you an excuse to spread the love! (...or it gives you 3 or so servings if you'll be stuck at the office all day)
  • What's the deal with the 3-pack carrier?
    • You can mix and match any 3 cans for a discounted price, and they'll come with the snap-top carrier. The 3-pack is great for bringing to a party or gathering in lieu of (or in addition to) bringing a bottle of wine or a pack of beer. 
  • Can I buy Taproom cans anywhere else?
    • At this time, our canned products are available for purchase only at Taproom. 
  • Can I bring in my own container to fill?
    • Definitely! We can fill any size container with our non-alcoholic draft products. In a few weeks we will have our own branded, refillable MiiR growlers for purchase.