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1963 Hosea L Williams Drive SE, Suite R106
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I'm 2. Let's Party!

Jonathan Pascual

My son Ransom. He's basically the unofficial mascot for Taproom.

My son Ransom. He's basically the unofficial mascot for Taproom.

Taproom is turning 2!!!

It's sometimes hard for me to believe, but this Taproom train keeps chugging along... day after day, month after month, and now - year after year. We hit the 2 year mark officially on April 29th, and we've scheduled a huge party for this Friday, May 6th!

This past year has been so much fun! Some highlights for me include:

  1. Inventing Beerspresso. It was a team effort of months of random ideas, messing around, and then some solid experimentation. What started as a fun barista conversation about beer brewing ended up as a new beverage that tasted delicious, and people went crazy over it. Even Imbibe Magazine gave us a shoutout for the innovative drink. 
  2. Becoming financially stable. I'll be openly honest: Taproom was just like any other business in that the first couple years were really tough financially. Every startup has to build a foundation of customers and sales, and it just takes time (and a whole lot of effort) to do that. I'm proud to say that in the last few months I've breathed a sigh of relief, because we've finally reached a sustainable pace! 
  3. Showing off to the world. The SCAA Expo was in Atlanta last month, and it was an insane week of coffee events, industry parties, and TONS of visitors to Taproom. We were honored to be included in some prominent lists of must-see coffee spots, which brought us droves of coffee professionals and enthusiasts from across the nation and around the world. We welcomed everyone to our humble space in Kirkwood, proudly serving our coffee, beer, and a (hopfeully) memorable experience. And during the U.S. Aeropress Championship that weekend, Taproom barista Tyler Mowry represented us well and placed 5th overall!

Two years in and I'm still having a blast! My favorite part of every day is hanging out with our regulars and meeting new friends, knowing that Taproom is serving as that community hub we all hoped it would be. We wouldn't have gotten this far without a rockstar staff, a supportive neighborhood, and so many friends and family cheering us on along the way. 

See you at our anniversary bash this Friday!!!