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1963 Hosea L Williams Drive SE, Suite R106
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#baristoss Barista Trick Shot Video

Jonathan Pascual

Just for kicks, I thought I'd get the Taproom crew to film a series of coffee-related behind-the-back trick shots and string them together in a fun video. My original inspiration was this guy.

Yes, all the shots are real, and most of them took just a few times to pull off. We originally posted the video to Instagram and Facebook on August 14th and thought it'd be great to issue a #baristoss challenge to our barista friends across the nation and around the world.

If you only found out about Taproom from this video, we're a coffee and beer bar in Atlanta, GA. Poke around our website and you can get a good sense of who we are!

In the course of three weeks we had over 48,000 views of the video! Only two videos were posted by others as responses, and those are re-posted below. We'll keep updating this page with other #baristoss videos if any of you feel like putting together a fun clip for us!

First #baristoss response video got posted from Ten Drops Coffee in Plainfield, IL:

And another post from Decatur's Dancing Goats:

#baristoss #dancinggoatsdecatur #dancinggoats @taproomcoffee it actually did go in the trash can in the counter!!!!!

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